When properly maintained, a high quality sensor maintains its high performance over time.

Since air flow is not uniform, the best way to measure it in a duct is to average several cross-section measurements.

CO2 controlled ventilation lowers energy consumption because it changes the fresh air supply according to occupancy.

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Controtec provides three types of services: sensors calibration, thermal mapping and precious metals recycling. Our calibration lab is certified to perform temperature, humidity, pressure and gas sensors calibration with an ISO9001 quality standard. For ISO17025 we offer the services of our partner companies in Switzerland (SCS) and England (UKAS). Our field services include calibration and warehouse thermal mapping by the GDP/GMP standard. Safina's precious metals recycling services are available to any factory or laboratory who requires both large and small volume recycling.


Controtec offers a wide range of control and instrumentations solutions. Our products and services answer the needs of the monitoring and control of factories , laboratories and public buildings. As local distributors in Israel, we represent leading manufacturers such as Rotronic , Micatrone and Novus . Our sensors are manufactured in the country , dedicated workshop specializing in environmental and emotional makeup process . Category of products for laboratories , Controtec offers a controlled chambers , incubators , water activity testing equipment and platinum products .
Controtec comply with ISO9001 Quality Control.