SAFINA, a.s. receives materials and wastes from manufacturing processes that use precious and non-ferrous metals, e.g.: used chemicals and electroplating sludge, industrial catalysts, industrial waste containing precious metals, automobile catalysts, electronic waste, or used NiMH and LiION batteries, but also gold and silver scrap from minor suppliers, dental and jewellery material, sand wastes, spent old coins and jewels, and more.

The incoming material is homogenized and representative reference samples are taken. The content of relevant metals is determined by analysis, and the material is released for subsequent processing following the approval by the customer. The resulting product of the recycling process are precious and occasionally non-ferrous metals with high levels of purity which are then prepared for their further applications. SAFINA, a.s. offers its clients the possibility to physically receive the refined metals, purchase them under mutually agreed conditions, or use them further for a subsequent manufacture of the final product from the company’s assortment.

The recycling of materials and re-usable raw materials containing precious and non-ferrous metals has both, the economic significance, that is regaining precious and non-ferrous metals, as well as the ecological importance. SAFINA, a.s. holds ISO 14001 certification and had won various prestigious awards from contests focused on environmental benefits.

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