Controtec: Environmental and process control solutions

Controtec offers a wide range of control instrumentation solutions with an emphasis on climate monitoring systems. Our products and services meet control and validation requirements in various industries. We provide instruments and sensors for installation in building management systems (BMS), production lines, and OEM applications. Our measurement devices give an accurate, real time reading of the physical conditions at the point of measurement. Our lab equipment portfolio focuses on instrumentation and controlled chambers for life-science and quality control laboratories. We offer incubators, controlled chambers, calibration equipment and heat-resistant labware. As a manufacturer and distributor of accurate control equipment, Controtec operates under the ISO9001 standard and offers calibration services. Our calibration team help validating process and environment control systems.


Solutions for the pharmaceutical and biotech industry

As a largest industrial measurement solutions supplier for Israel’s pharmaceutical manufacturers, we have a deep knowledge of the requirements and validation procedures of the biomed sector. Controtec is an official distributor of Rotronic, a leading manufacturer of measurement solutions for the pharmaceutical industry. Rotronic develop its product and services with a special emphasis on meeting the FDA and GAMP5 regulations. The company’s products focus on environmental monitoring in clean rooms. It also offers ISO17025 calibrations and other validation services.


Measurement and control solutions for HVAC systems

We started our activity in the HVAC industry as a supplier of high-end control instrumentation for environmental monitoring in clean rooms and laboratories. With time, we expanded our HVAC instrumentation catalog and introduced new products for non-critical areas, where there is no need to meet strict regulatory standards. Today we offer a wide variety of measurement devices that includes Israeli-made temperature sensors, pressure sensors, humidity monitoring equipment, CO2 sensors and more. Our professional team is available to consult and support any technician or engineer who is involved in the planning or construction of BMS systems.


OEM temperature sensors

Controtec has been manufacturing thermocouple and RTD based temperature sensors for many years. Our sensors are made from a wide variety of high-quality materials and are designed for specific temperature ranges and mounting elements. Our technical team can consult and help in the planning of the sensor that best fits an application. We normally manufacture our standard catalog sensors, yet 20-30% of the sensors we manufacture are produced according to our client’s technical specification. Our standard sensors include simple cable sensors, bayonet thermocouples, ceramic tube thermocouples for high temperatures and more. For applications with high regulatory requirements, we offer calibration certificates (ISO9001).


Laboratory equipment

As the official distributor of Caron in Israel, we offer a wide variety of incubators and control chambers for life-sciences, chemistry and validation labs. Caron’s chambers are manufactured in the United States by a high quality standard. These chambers incorporate various control systems that ensure the homogeneity of the environmental conditions they produce. Most of the chambers come with an easy-to-use touch screen that allows full control over the chamber. Caron’s climate chambers can control temperature, humidity, CO2, O2 and lighting conditions. Its stability testing chambers comply with the ICH guidelines for testing pharmaceutical products.



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