Controtec Ltd

רגש לחות וטמפרטורה דקורטיבי לחדר RS-485 MODBUS 4~20mA 

דגם קונטרוטק CT-RH-T


CT-RH-T Room Temperature & Humitdity Transmitter controtec


 It is designed for indoor air temperature and humidity measurement

 High performance digital sensors & circuits, ensure accurate measurement & temp. compensation

  Good long term stability and reliability

 100% changeable sensors without re-calibration

 Fast response

 State of art housing design, easy installation & wiring

 All electrical terminals are on the inside bottom, avoid any possible destroy to PCB when wiring

  Digital technology applied, multiple outputs optional, over voltage and reverse polarity protection, high reliability and anti-interference capability

  LCD display temperature and humidity alternatively

 LCD & function keys can set parameters and calibrate output, so the product can be a stand alone controller